Share Your Experiences with Sai

Dear Visitors,

Each one of us has our personal experiences with Sai Baba. He has always given experiences of his presence to his preachers in some way or the other.

We would like to invite such experiences so that others may also know a little bit more than they already have in their knowledge bank for Sai Baba.

We would like to share your personal experiences with Sadguru Sai Baba.

The few best experiences will be definitely shared on this website.

Post your experiences below in the comment box which will be helpful for us to evaluate our efforts.



  1. Om sai ram..
    I have soo many experiences to share. But one miracle is happening in my life right now...
    My mother is suffering from ovarian cancer. She was critical. But thankx to sai baba he has provided a lot of help at every step. My mother is showing signs of improvement now. Sai baba thanku soo much. Thannnnkkkuuu ssoooooooooo much

  2. All Thanks to Sai Baba, i got my wife, we are finally married. Thank you baba a lotttttt :) :) :)


Your suggestions may increase our divine support for the poor and will be an encouragement for us.