Important Places to Visit in Shirdi

Few Important Places to Visit in SHIRDI, INDIA

1. SAMADHI TEMPLE: This is a place where the idol of Sai Baba is placed and near the foot of the idol there is original grave of Sai Baba, which is popularly known as SAMADHI in India. This is the place where one can fine peace in the soul. It is very crowded though very peaceful place in Shirdi.
It has mainly Three gates of entry.
Gate number 1: It is usually reserved for the VIP and VVIP's and other eminent guests from abroad.
Gate number 2: It is the common and most crowded gate from where common people can enter in the holy place.
Gate number 3: This is the gate from where medically unfit people and specially abled people can enter without facing any queue crowd. 

2. SAI BABA MUSEUM: This is a place where antique things are kept which Sai Baba used when he was alive. The main things include his clothes, his bedding, a stone where he used to sit while taking bath, his footwear etc. This is located inside the temple campus at the back side of the temple.

3. LENDIBAUG: This is a garden where Sai Baba use to take morning walk and care of the plants in that holy garden. This is also located inside the temple campus at the back side of the holy temple.

4. OTHER HOLY GRAVES (SAMADHIS): Inside the temple campus there are many other graves (Samadhis) of those people who use to live near Sai Baba in his days. These mainly include:

(a) BAIJA MAI: She was the mother of Sai Baba. Her grave (Samadhi) is located behind the holy temple of Sai Baba.
(b) TATYA: He was the brother of Sai Baba. His grave (Samadhi) is located near Baija Mai, behind the holy temple of Sai Baba.

5. DAKSHIN MUKHI HANUMAN TEMPLE: This is a temple opposite gate number 3 of the holy temple. This temple has the idol of Lord Hanuman facing south direction.

6. MUKH DARSHAN: Mukh and Darshan are hindi words which means Face and To See respectively, from this place the holy idol of Sai Baba can be seen from some distance. Since from distance only the face is clearly visible, so this place is called Mukh Darshan.

 7. DWARKA MAAYI: This is a place where Sai Baba use to spend his daytime and meet people. There is a window where Sai Baba use to stand and see people passing by. He use to light his Dhooni (Holy Fire) there, which is still burning till now. It was basically a mosque which is located behind MUKH DARSHAN. This is a holy attraction of Shirdi, India.

8. CHAWADI: This is a place where Sai Baba use to conduct his meetings and solve the problems of people who are suffering from some problem or the other. It is located near DWARKA MAAYI. This is also a very important and holy place to visit in Shirdi, India.

9. SAI PRASADALAYA: Prasadalaya is a sanskrit word which basically means the place to receive the holy food (Prasad) presented to god, and it is beleived that god himself tasted it. This is a place where this food can be eaten. This has a big solar plant by the help of which food is prepared and then served to the followers (Bhakts) of Sai Baba. It has a very large hall on ground and the first floor which has the capacity serve thousands in one shift. Because of this place nobody can be hungry in Shirdi.

10. KHANDOBA TEMPLE: It is a temple of Lord Khandoba which beleived to be one of the avatar of Lord Shiva. It has the idols of Lord Shiva in between and two other idols of Mother Parvati and Mother Gange on each side. It is located near the Sai Pradalaya and is a major attraction of Shirdi.

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